About Creekside Farm


Larry Keetch and Joyce Robison moved to Campbell River in 2015 from North Vancouver where Larry had been in business starting and maintaining gardens for the past 30 plus years.  Joyce learned sustainable gardening helping her parents on their small farm in the north Okanagan.  We both pursue a healthy lifestyle and while living in the city would seek out locally grown organic and sustainably grown food for our table, often spending our days off visiting and supporting small farms in the area.  We knew that the next step in our health journey was to find our own small piece of paradise and we embarked on a multi-year search of southern BC which ended in Campbell River.

We found a beautiful piece of property  which has always been sustainably and ecologically farmed and is free of any kind of pesticides and herbicides, with only natural manure on the land from domestic and wild animals.  This made the perfect spot to start a market garden.  We have approximately 4 acres, bordered on the west side by beautiful Willow Creek, which was previously owned by the Hinch family.

Grant and Louise purchased 5 acres in 1949 and it was primarily used for grazing livestock. Louise Hinch grew a large and productive garden on the property for about 30 years.   The family dug a well in 1973 to service their water needs.  A windmill was installed in the fall of 1975 to pump the water and remains on the property today.  It was the perfect logo for our farm as our future development plans for the land include refurbishing the well and windmill for irrigating our garden beds.

Our farm has been started with perennials:  both early and everbearing strawberries, asparagus, rhubarb and herbs.  We are also growing a large selection of greens, which we love to eat and use in smoothies, as well as a variety of other vegetables and some fruit.

As we move forward we will be guided by feedback from our clients.
Please let us know what you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle.  We would love to hear from you!